October 18, 2009

October's Here

This past week we had three Saturdays in a row! BJ and Anna had fall break from school, and were home a lot more to make bigger messes with Daniel, Kate, and Liz. Amanda was glad to have them home, but will also be glad to see them go back to a more regular routine on Monday.

Elizabeth is sleeping through the night now! She goes down about 9:30 pm and gets up around 5:30 am. She is also starting to smile a lot more, and loves it when Amanda sings to her.

Daniel is starting to jabber non-stop. We don't understand much of what he says, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Most of the time it is something about "Baby Lizzie." He still thinks that he is the only one who can take care of her. I get lectures from him when I try to hold her when she is crying.

Kate is loving preschool and dance. She also loves Lizzie, and asks to hold her a lot. It is cute. When Amanda is feeding Lizzie, Kate has to get her baby doll out and feed her. Kate has become very emotional lately too. Hopefully things will even out by the time she is a teenager ;)

Anna loves to read and write. She writes letters all the time. Last night she wrote many invitations to her "Diamond Party." She always has some writing project going on.

already has gone back to work. She wasn't quite ready, but enjoyed it once she was back. Before returning to work she got a lot of scrapbooking done, as well as working on several of the quilt projects she has going.

I am enjoying my class this year. They are great! There have been some frustrations at work, but have found that going to the gym everyday helps to relieve a lot of stress, so I am able to handle those frustrations better.

Here are a couple of pictures taken during our annual hike to "The Grotto" this year!