November 8, 2009

The story of the "Three Little Sick Ones"

Once upon a time there were two parents who had four children. One day the parents woke up and three out of the four children were very sick! Now what were they to do? Though this story may start like a fairytale, our week this week definitely was not a fairytale. The silver lining is that next week can only get better!

Elizabeth amazingly stayed healthy. Daniel has been trying to be very attentive to her. It has been hard to keep her somewhere where Daniel isn't. This week I was playing "Pat-a-cake" with her, and she started laughing. It was very cute. She sure smiles a lot, and it was fun to hear her laugh.

Daniel was very offended that he had to stay in his room. We put up a baby gate in his doorway, and "trapped" him in. He threw a couple of tantrums, but eventually got used to the idea. He spent most of his time figuring out how to escape. He never succeeded, though was very close a couple of times. He did enjoy eating in his room however.

Kate was happy to be sick! She was a little jealous of Anna being able to watch movies all day in the basement. When we finally decided she was sick too, and let her go down, she went quickly. She actually was the sickest of the kids. She had several other secondary infections, but is almost back to her healthy self today.

Anna said this week, "I love being sick, cause I get to watch movies all day long!" Once she had watched every movie in the house, that no longer was her opinion. She is better, except for a cough, and is excited to go back to school on Monday.

Amanda is barely sane after a week of playing nurse both at home and work. The kids have been OK, but have been really pushing their limits with Mom. I think it has been their goal to get Mommy to yell. We finally went out for an hour or two of shopping yesterday. Amanda doesn't usually like shopping, but said that it was great to finally get out of the house.

I spent the week trying to avoid getting sick. I tried to spend most of my time at home in my bedroom. I did help Amanda out, though we agreed it would be better if I didn't get sick (I think I am a bigger baby than all three kids put together when I am sick). At school I had my class put on a small play for several of the other classes in school. My class loved it! They want to do more. I am not sure how much more time I can devote to it, but am sure we will be doing another play or two this year.

So that was our week. The Big Bad Wolf didn't huff and puff and blow our house down, but the Big Bad Swine Flu did make the kids huff and puff, and cough a lot. Our house did look like a tornado had hit it, but I think that we are all going to live happily ever after.
The End - - - of this week at least!

November 1, 2009

A Mostly Happy Halloween!

The Halloween season came and went rather quickly. Halloween day found Anna with a fever and today (Nov. 1) Kate is not feeling the greatest as well. Hopefully we can get them healthy as soon as possible. I can't believe how fast time seems to fly. The last few weeks have been full of fun, hopefully I won't leave out anything important! Sit back, grab some trick-or-treat candy, and enjoy the Wright Family Halloween blog!

Elizabeth was a little flower for Halloween. She really didn't know what was going on, but smiled a lot and was happy just to sit around and be held. She is starting to get bored when by herself. Time to find something that will entertain her.

Daniel is too busy for his own good! He is everywhere and into everything. He has recently learned how to open doors, and is very proud of that achievement. We were able to get him in his cowboy costume for about 3 minutes. Long enough to take this picture. He kept wiping his beard off and throwing his hat away. He enjoyed trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, but had to eat the candy as fast as our neighbors put it in his bucket.

Kate is getting to be quite the little lady. This is her version of Cinderella, I called her Katerella and she laughed. She has had a fun time "making things" this month. She even took one of our projects to preschool for show and tell. At the bottom of this entry I'll include a picture of a couple of our projects. Being the caring sister she always is, she made sure that Anna's trick-or-treat bucket was filled up because Anna couldn't be out and about Halloween night.

Anna discovered that it "isn't fun to be sick on Halloween!" She was in tears because she has a temperature and had to stay in her room all day. We hooked up a TV in her room, and she was very careful to stay in there so she didn't get everyone sick. I laughed, and told her that she should be "Sleeping Anna" instead of "Sleeping Beauty." She also enjoyed making many of our "projects" this month.
Amanda has had a lot of "nursing in excellence" classes to go to this month. It was interesting trying to juggle so many schedules together, but she found a neighbor girl to come watch the kids a couple of times. Amanda was also adveturous in the kitchen this month and tried a couple of new recipies. They turned out pretty good! You'll have to ask us if you want the recipies.

Survived October! I didn't realise how busy this month would be. Between Saftey Week, Red Ribbon Week, and Halloween I didn't think there would be time to teach much! I was suprised how much the students and I were able to accomplish. I had fun carving pumpkins with my kids, and even toasted some pumpkin seeds! Kate and Daniel enjoyed them with me, Amanda and Anna are still not quite sure about them.

These are bats we made out of toilet paper tubes.
We made quite a few, and gave them to family members.
We kept two to put on our shelf.

We made Jack-o-lanterns to hang on our door.
Anna's is on the left. She cut it out herself.
Kate's is on the right. She dictated what the face should look like.
Daniel tried to help with his, the one on the bottom. He mostly just ripped the scraps of paper up, and threw them around the kitchen.