December 17, 2009

December Fun

Anna's Dance did a December performance and she did a very good job. Here is one of the dances that she performed. Something cute that Anna said during her prayer one night is "And please bless everyone in the whole world except Santa that they will sleep well, because Santa has to work hard." She is just growing up so quick. I love to hear how her day is at school and who likes who.

Kate's dance also had a winter performance. She also learned the itsy-bitsy spider dance, but she didn't end up dancing it. She is such a doll. When she plays I noticed that the words are in her head, but she does the actions. Sometimes when she asks me for something she will sing the last word. It just makes me laugh. She is now up to Anna's eyebrows, but I think she is slowing down because she doesn't want to eat as much lately.

Daniel is my little cuddle bug. He will come up to me and say "Huggie." He is right now going through the "I'm Mommy's Echo" stage. Anything I say he will mimic. His vocabulary is expanding quickly. Yet he will still come up to me and look at me like I'm suppose to read his mind. He loves to hold Lizzie and visit Grandpa Bill's house. One night at Grandpa's he and his cousin McKay looked like two peas in a pod. As of right now they get along pretty well.

Lizzie loves to smile. She is trying hard to keep her head up when she is on her tummy. She will stay on her tummy longer if I am lying right next to her and talking to her the whole time. I sure love her and love that she sleeps well.

BJ and I enjoyed his Christmas party this past week. We had very good food to eat and we enjoyed talking to his colleagues and their spouses. I'm enjoying my job still. My unit had our Christmas party and I think it went well. I'm glad it is over because it is the second Christmas party this season I had to help plan. The hospital I work for was awarded the "Best in Value Award" for our hospital size. That award includes quality, affordability, efficiency and satisfaction. This award was a national one, so we must be good.

December 5, 2009

Busy couple of weeks

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at the Wright house. Its hard to think about what to write that we've missed. I guess I'll start with Thanksgiving.


On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had the annual Pie marathon night at my mom's house. We had a fun time. Amanda mixed all of the pie crusts this year, while I focused on the apple and pecan pie filling. We didn't have to stay up too late this year.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle and Aunts home here in Payson. It was a nice dinner, with a lot of my extended family there. Anna and Kate were a little sad, because the cousins their age were at a different party. We also ate a Thanksgiving dinner at Amanda's parents house the next day. It was fun. We were able to see a lot of the family, and had a nice time talking after dinner. Later in the evening I skipped out on going to the gym, and Amanda's sister, Amanda, and I played a few games on the Wii.

Lizzie's baby Blessing

After a busy week of Thanksgiving dinners, we wrapped up the week by blessing Lizzie. We had a small dinner before the meeting. It was nice to visit with family, again. We had a lot of kids in the house. Amanda's family had Desmond, Genevieve, Itylee, and Vienna here. My brother brought his son, McKay. Add our four kids to the mix, and we had 9 in the house! There weren't too many mishaps, though Desmond did end up pushing Daniel down a few stairs. Luckily Daniel bounced right back up, and didn't cry for too long.

OK - now for the individual updates.

Elizabeth is doing well. She decided that she doesn't like bottles right now. When Amanda has been at work, I've been able to warm up a bottle and feed her. This past week she has been refusing to eat from a bottle. She's starting to think about it again, which is a good thing. It makes it a lot easier than having to take her into Amanda when she has to work. Lizzie has also been enjoying "playing" this last little while. She smiles a lot, and loves to babble back at you when you talk to her.

Daniel has just discovered he likes to be read to. He'll bring a book, climb on your lap, and say "story!" It is fun to read to him. He's also getting to be a big tease. He'll run away as fast as he can, when he knows he shouldn't. It actually ended up getting him hurt this week. He took off running away from Amanda, and she grabbed for him. She caught his arm, but the force of him running away caused his elbow to come out of its socket. We took him to the doctors, and got his elbow set. 5 min later he forgot that his arm was even hurt.

Kate is getting very teary. I am not looking forward to this stage. I was hoping Anna would have grown out of it a little more, before Kate hit it. Right now they feed off of each other, and get each other crying harder. Kate is enjoying school, and is doing really well with counting things. She loves to listen to Anna read too.

Anna is having a blast decorating for Christmas. She has been a little too helpful, breaking a couple of ornaments. She feels bad, but then goes on playing with another one. "I was just trying to help." she'll say. Anna is also having a fun time at school, though she came home upset this week almost every day, because the Gingerbread man kept getting away. I am glad that the gingerbread man was found on Friday.

Amanda has turned into an event planner whether she like it or not. We are in charge of the activities in our ward, which had us planning our Christmas party the last month or so. It went well, and Amanda is glad to have that stress out of the way. Now she has her work party that she is in charge of coming up. Hopefully things go smoothly for her.

BJ - I have had fun getting the Christmas lights up outside. I have always liked getting the lights put up at night so that I can see what it looks like as I am making progress. This year I had to put them up during the day. It went a lot faster, and the lights look just as good. Maybe I'll start a new tradition of putting them up in the light.

Well, that's about it from us. I hope that you are all doing well. I will leave you with one more picture of my kids, who had fun decorating the Christmas tree this evening. I hope that you appreciate the picture, as it took about 10-12 tries to get the kids looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!